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audio 42
Experimental 5
Dark Ambient, Experimental 4
Amduscias Records, Experimental 3
experimental, electronic, drone, ambient, industrial 3
Industrial, Experimental 2
experimental 2
A Need to Calm Down 1
Alternative 1
Amduscias Records 1
Amduscias Records Winter Compilation, Various Artists, Dark Ambient, Noise, Spook Core, Experimental, Electronica 1
Conceptual, Experimental, Electronic, Ambient, EugeneKha, Bambuga World, Amduscias Records 1
Dark Ambient, Cinematic, Industrial, Experimental, Jon7, 1
Dark Ambient, Experimental, the living end, amduscias records 1
Dark Ambient, Experimental, turmoil, phencyclidene psychosis, amduscias records 1
Down Tempo, Ambient, Experimental, Reality Collapsed, Soundtrack to Insanity 1
Down Tempo, Ambient, Experimental, Reality Collapsed, Static Thoughts 1
Ego Death 1
Electronica 1
Experimental, Cinematic, Dark 1
Experimental, Electronica 1
Experimental, turmoil, manipulation of sound, amduscias records 1
Industrial 1
Jon 7, Dangerous Rituals, Experimental, amduscias records 1
Jon 7, experimental, roig, revolutionary organization is good, amduscias records 1
Julia van der Piller 1
Minimal 1
Noise 1
Punk 1
Razxca, Detroit Techno Victim, Experimental, amduscias records 1
Razxca, Experimental, Blue Tsentorg, amduscias records 1
Razxca, Viewlunch, Experimental, amduscias records 1
Restive, Experimental, In Praise Of Romantic Atheism, Amduscias Records 1
Sea of Storms, inSOMAnic, Dark Ambient, Experimental, amduscias records 1
Sound Perversions 1
Turmoil 1
Turmoil, NTNS Radio, Live Set, Electronic, Experimental, Amduscias Records 1
Upheaval, Crucifixion, Experimental, Dark Ambient, amduscias records 1
Upheaval, Doomsday,Amduscias Records, Experimental 1
Zdzis Beks, Antiform, Experimental, amduscias records 1
all your base are belong to us 1
breakcore 1
electronic diversity, minimal atmospherics, abstract/experimental beat pieces, melodic micro glitch and dark ambient 1
electronica 1
galaxian 1
games 1
inSOMAnic, Exit Lazarus, Experimental, amduscias records 1
noise 1
video 1
video games 1